The game
The story
1-bit jam


In a dystopian world, the vicious genus Rattus has managed to rise to power and establish a reign of terror by brute force and the development of weapons of mass destruction, obtained by enriching the venom of the unlucky (and enslaved) species Ornithorhynchus anatinus, more commonly known as platypus.

All animals are paralized by the shocking horrors concocted by the rats and desperation is overflowing. But not everything is lost: to relight the flame of hope, here is the small organization of the M.O.L.E., led by the General of the Army Harry N. Tsoumi, which objective is stopping the oppression of the cruel rodents.

The complement of the M.O.L.E., however, is severely lacking. Nobody seems to have the bravery to go on a practically suicidal mission. Nobody except Agent 610 who, blinded by his courage, decides to put himself on the line to bring harmony back.

Will the heroic agent manage to infiltrate the enemy bases, stop the chemical warheads from launching and free those poor platypi from the misery of enslavement? The clock is ticking and fumbling around is not an option. You'll have to count on your colleagues at the M.O.L.E. HQ - they'll be your eyes in the darkness of the battlefield!