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JULY 11, 2015 - VERSION 1.03

A new, big(gish) update for Pizza Express! Deployed yesterday (July 11, 2015) Version 1.03 sees the addition of a couple new features, bug fixes and updated game mechanics! Here's the changelog.

  • Added the option to speed up time when there are no customers to serve. Time speed up can be enabled by pressing the keys 1 to 4 on the numeric keypad (numpad). Press 1 to restore time to its normal speed. Press the other keys (2 to 4) to speed up time by x2, x3 or x6.
  • Added a small animation for the clock icon. The clock turns faster the faster the in-game speed.
  • Added mouse acceleration. It is possible to enable it from the in-game options. Players can choose among five different preset or define their own custom settings.
  • Added a third page to the options submenu to accomodate the new features. From here, it is possible to edit the default time speed up value and enable/disable/customize the mouse acceleration.
  • Fixed the player being able to quit the catalogue when in tutorial, rendering it impossible to complete thus forcing the user to kill the game to quit it.
  • Fixed the game playing the wrong F.L.A.B.'s gala cutscene following a particular storyline.
  • Fixed the game being unable to continue to the management menu after meeting Brush for the first time.
  • Updated Lucky's and Gastone's suggestions about pizzas pricing. Both characters will now give detailed info about a pizza the lower the game difficulty is. Playing at higher difficulties will make their suggestions vaguer.
  • Updated some achievements to make them easier to unlock. Special customers (as well as suggestions) now appear even after the completion of the main adventure, giving players the opportunity to satisfy their cravings and unlock the related achievement. Some of these customers are now a little less demanding regarding their pizza. The achievement 10 pizzas in 10 seconds now requires the player to serve ANY 10 pizzas in 10 seconds, instead of 10 different recipes in 10 seconds.
  • Updated the game manual.
  • Updated localisation files.

A major bug was reported the day immediately after the release of version 1.03. Said bug has been quickly addressed in version 1.03.02, deployed on July 12. As always, if you happen to encounter a bug, make sure to report it on the game forums, and I'll try my best to fix it as soon as possible.

Happy gaming, and have a wonderful day!