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JUNE 25, 2015 - VERSION 1.01

Pizza Express is finally on Steam, after a very productive last month!

I worked really hard to polish the game. A number of small bugs have been fixed (list below) and the English script has been strongly revised, thanks to Edd Harding's kindness, who spent hours looking for the smallest typo and/or preposition out of place. The game interface has also been updated to correctly display money when playing in English, that is with the currency sign before the figure (previously it always appeared after the figure, following the Italian grammar rules).

Here is the list of bugs that have been fixed in patch 1.01.

  • Fixed glitchy lines of text because of missing separation in the .ini file.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed to player to have a piggy bank and extra customers' patience when playing the in-game tutorial and the first test.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the game to crash on day 9 when playing on a female profile.

By the way, no, I haven't skipped a game version. Version 1.00 was simply private... It was used to test Steam features privately!