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DECEMBER 25, 2015 - VERSION 1.09

Merry Christmas, everybody!

This is the update you were all waiting for... Improved tutorials! Say goodbye to Gastone's endless lectures about pizza making and toppings economics - now you'll have the chance to skip straight to the most important points of any tutorial just by pressing the spacebar! And if that's not enough for you, a new handy option will make tutorials magically disappear.

Also, AZERTY and Dvorak keyboard users must not get their wrist (even more) strained due to the atrocious WASD combination appropriate only for QWERTY users, because Pizza Express now has support for AZERTY and Dvorak keyboards! Ditch WASD and use QZSD or ,AOE instead!

Here's the full changelog.

  • Added support for AZERTY and Dvorak keyboards. The keyboard layout can be set in the options. Changing it will modify the key bindings used as an alternative to the arrow keys (WASD for QWERTY/QWERTZ, QZSD for AZERTY, ,AOE for Dvorak).
  • Added an option to always skip tutorials.
  • It is now possible to navigate the profile creation menu using the WASD keys (or equivalent set).
  • Pressing the spacebar during any tutorial will skip the tutorial to its next most important part.
  • Lucky's messages during the Atmosphere tutorial now have a longer cooldown time when an important piece of information is presented.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the game to crash during the first tutorial.
  • Fixed a glitch which allowed the player to use the bottom topping stations during the first tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug which, in rare instances, caused the game to crash at the end of days 16 and 25.
  • Updated the game manual.
  • Updated localisation files.

As always, if you happen to find a bug, make sure to report it on the game forums and I'll do my best to fix it ASAP!

That's all for now. Again, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2016!