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JULY 27, 2015 - VERSION 1.04

Hello there people! Hope you're enjoying your summer!

Thanks to Pizza Express amazing community, who never fears to criticise and report problems in the game, version 1.04 is live! Boys and girls, you're honestly great. :)

Here's the changelog.

  • Fixed saved games not loading the proper difficulty settings.
  • Fixed the game not calculating the correct cost of production for the first pizza viewed in the Edit Menu page.
  • Fixed very minor graphic glitches.
  • Added the possibility to click on Gastone (or Lucky) in the Edit Menu page to get their updated opinion about the price of a pizza. Their comments will be more precise the lower the game difficulty is. This has been contributed by serenityzero - Thanks!
  • Gastone and Lucky now acknowledge when a pizza is correctly priced on Hard difficulty.
  • Going bankrupt on day 6 now makes the game revert to the very beginning of the same day, giving the player the opportunity to edit the kitchen and/or the menu. This has been contributed by yol16 - Thanks!
  • Updated localisation files.

If you've got some more things to report, drop a few lines on the game forums! Criticism (constructive one, that is) is always welcome!

Have fun and don't melt away!